Weijie Su


  • PhD Student, University of Science and Technology of China

Short Bio

Weijie Su is a fourth-year PhD student at University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), under the supervision of Prof. Bin Li. Before that, he received his Bachelor’s degree from USTC in June 2019, majoring in Information and Computing Science (Computational Mathematics). Currently, he is also a research intern at SenseTime Research, mentored by Dr. Jifeng Dai and Dr. Xizhou Zhu.
Research Interests  General Capable Agents; Representation Learning; Multimodal Learning; Visual Recognition.

He is currently seeking a research position to start in the summer of 2024, please feel free to drop him an email if you are interested in his research.


2023.05     Introducing GITM, a Generally Capable Agent that Fully Masters Minecraft. 2023.02     Our M3I Pre-training and SiameseIM are accepted by CVPR 2023. 2021.06     Presentation slides and video of our Deformable DETR on ICLR 2021 are available now. 2021.01     Deformable DETR is accepted for oral presentation by ICLR 2021. 2020.11     Code of Deformable DETR is now available at this github repository. 2020.05     Presentation slides and video of our VL-BERT on ICLR 2020 are available now. 2019.12     Our paper VL-BERT got accepted by ICLR 2020. 2019.11     Code for our paper VL-BERT has been made public available at github.




( Equal Contribution)